Towards a Sustainable Future

The 2017 Sustainability Report details the Group’s latest efforts in creating a more liveable and sustainable community for future generations.

The 2017 Sustainability Report details the Group’s latest efforts in creating a more liveable and sustainable community for future generations. The report presents a systematic and comprehensive assessment in accordance with the Core option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standard, a widely adopted reporting guideline. The following highlights some of the Group’s sustainability foci during the reporting period under four key areas.

Our People

Our people and partners are at the heart of our business. We support employee development with best workplace practices, and build strong relationships with partners to deliver product and service excellence.

  • Provides equal employment opportunities, addresses employees’ needs and concerns.
  • Provided barrier-free facilities and ensured a completely smoke-free environment at Sino Hotels.
  • Provides structured training programmes for employees at all levels. Employees received a total of 129,449 training hours.
  • A new ‘Safety Promotion Programme’ at Sino Property Services has helped to reduce corresponding occupational injuries by 47% from the previous year.

Our Environment

We play our part in reducing water consumption, enhancing energy efficiency and tackling impacts brought about by climate change with a variety of initiatives.

  • Set a carbon reduction target of reducing carbon emissions by 16% before 2020 from the 2012 level. Achieved accumulated reduction of 8.9% from 2012 level.
  • Promoted energy efficiency of the Group’s operations with more new technologies and innovations.
  • Formulated ‘Green Office Management Guidelines’ to provide handful tips for eco-friendly practices in energy, water and office material consumption.
  • Adopted green building features and facilities in the Group’s properties.
  • Sino Hotels reduced over 39% of plastic wastage in 2016/2017 as compared to 2015/2016.
  • The Fullerton Green team continued to strengthen 3R practices at the Group’s Singapore operations.

Our Community

We are committed to serving and bringing positive changes to our community through ongoing engagement programmes.

  • 132,264 hours were dedicated to serving the community in Hong Kong.
  • Since 2011, ‘Sino Caring Friends’ has served over 5,000 underprivileged families through donations, festive celebrations, workshops and charity events.
  • The Fullerton Heritage continued to serve the community through family-focused initiatives and community care outreach programmes.
  • Fostered development of the next generation through Sino Children Mentorship Programme, Go Code Project and Sino Junior Reporter Programme.

Our Culture

We strive to make arts and culture accessible to all, and serve the community with art through the ‘Sino Art in Community’ programme to build a more inspired and creative society.

  • Reached out to over 1,100 children and youth through a variety of art events and education programmes led by ‘Sino Art in Community’ since 2013.
  • Supports the arts and cultural scene in Singapore with initiatives led by The Fullerton Heritage.
  • Promotes heritage conservation in Hong Kong and Singapore through revitalising historic projects, such as Tai O Heritage Hotel and buildings at The Fullerton Heritage.