Unsung Heroes

Since 2013, Sino Group has been jointly presenting the Spirit of Hong Kong Awards with the South China Morning Post. The awards recognise unsung heroes who work behind the scenes to help others, celebrating their community spirit and selfless contribution. We continue to be humbled and inspired by these ordinary yet extraordinary individuals who have made Hong Kong a better place. In 2020, we saw a roster of worthy unsung heroes.

  • Lau Kim-hung, who has recovered from stroke, received the Spirit of Community Award for his volunteer work with the Hong Kong Stroke Association helping others affected by strokes
  • Integrated artist and teacher Ken Ho received the Spirit of Culture Award for casting people with disabilities in musical and dramatic shows
  • Professor Philip Chiu received the Spirit of Innovation Award for his research on a robot that can aid in conducting cancer surgery
  • Polio patient Yip Cham-kai received the Spirit of Perseverance Award for setting up Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power to empower and encourage people with disabilities
  • 22-year-old teacher Saad Hemyar Hussein Abdo Ayedh received the Spirit of Youth Award for setting up an organisation to help ethnic minorities learn English
  • Domestic worker Rodelia Pedro Villar received the Lion Rock People’s Choice Award for providing support for fellow domestic workers through her organisation Domestic Workers Corner
  • HandsOn Hong Kong received the Spirit of Teamwork Award (Group) for helping the elderly to stay connected during the COVID-19 isolation period. See the feature on the group.

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