ArtWalk@Tai O Brings Art into the Community

Tai O Heritage Hotel, revitalised from the old Tai O Police Station, celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2022 with a series of community events, including ArtWalk@Tai O, a public art programme.

The first two phases saw the installation of ten murals at various locations in the charming fishing village that celebrate the beauty and character of Tai O. As part of the third phase, the hotel joined hands with the community to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit together with an installation entitled Spinning Good Wishes for the Year of Rabbit. The installation comprises 268 windmills, which in Chinese culture connote ‘movement of the heaven and earth’ and symbolise fortune, happiness and auspiciousness. Together, the 268 pieces signify ‘double happiness’ and ‘infinity’; in addition, Tai O Heritage Hotel volunteers joined with students at Tai O Primary School to hand-paint eight mini rabbits, creating a unique community art piece for the fishing village.

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