CORAL REEFStoration Rebuilds Coral Habitation

Sino Group is partnering with the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Ocean Park and local start-up archiREEF on CORAL REEFstoration, Hong Kong’s first cross-sector coral preservation and restoration project. The project will rehabilitate local reefs using the world’s first specially designed 3D-printed reef tiles.

The Group and the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation have partnered with Ocean Park, archiREEF and The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong on CORAL REEFStoration, Hong Kong’s frst cross-sector collaborative project for local coral preservation and restoration.

The project entails ecological research conducted at Deep Water Bay with the objective of restoring the original appearance of coral reefs and local coral species.

The archiREEF team developed the world’s frst specially designed 3D-printed reef tiles, which enable coral fragments to attach and grow; the organic structures also provide habitats for more organisms, supporting marine biodiversity. The reef tiles will be taken care of by Ocean Park’s professional husbandry team, and then transferred to the seabed on the south side of Hong Kong for rehabilitation and conservation under continued monitoring. It is expected that in three years, 20 square metres of reef will be rebuilt with more than 120 pieces of rescued coral fragments used to recreate suitable habitats for local marine species.

In order to raise awareness of the value of coral reefs and inspire younger generations to protect precious coral ecosystems, a variety of tours and workshops as well as internship programmes for tertiary students will be arranged at Ocean Park’s coral nursery facility.

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