Safeguarding the Community with Technology & Care

COVID-19 has driven demand for professional hygiene and disinfection services. Best Result Environmental Services, the environmental services arm of the Group, is harnessing innovative and eco-friendly technologies to create healthy, comfortable environments where our communities live and work.

Robotic application

Best Result is using a UV sanitisation robot, jointly created by a local technology company and a Swedish partner, in full compliance with Swedish medical standards. Equipped with multiple sensors, the robot can manoeuvre in a pre-programmed route using indoor mapping technology. This enables UV light to reach every corner of a space, performing deep sanitisation to eradicate up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses. The robot is also equipped with other functions such as an infrared body temperature detector, as well as the ability to send reminders to people without a mask on, offering an all-round upgrade in combating COVID-19.

Natural sanitisers

To safeguard health while conducting sanitisation, Best Result uses plant-based sanitisers in carrying out its disinfecting fogging service, effectively and safely killing bacteria. The sanitisers contain 100 per cent plant extracts and do not contain alcohol, chemicals and heavy metals. In conjunction with fine-mist foggers, these natural products thoroughly and reliably disinfect spaces while protecting the well-being of people and the environment.

Dedicated team

Best Result has also established a Special Disinfection Unit to provide round-the-clock professional sanitisation services. A number of experienced frontline staff have joined the SDU, and have received more than 100 hours of specialised training given by registered safety officers to enhance their know-how in specialised disinfection services.

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