Innovating for Our Future

Hong Kong Innovation Foundation (HKIF) is established to support continuous innovation in Hong Kong.

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The Hong Kong Innovation Foundation (HKIF) undertakes a range of initiatives as part of its mission to create an innovation ecosystem for Hong Kong. Many are focused on children and young people, such as the flagship Go Code initiative, which teaches students to code their own games and apps

The HKIF strives to deliver a holistic innovation ecosystem. The younger generation is a focal point of its work, and education programmes are key. Programmes include the flagship Go Code initiative, which teaches students to code their own games and apps; Crazy Circuit, as the name suggests, teaches students science and engineering through the creation of circuits; while through Robot Maker, students create one-of-a-kind robots and in the process learn about mechanics, electronics and robotics, as well as coding software to command the robots. Comprising multiple levels to cater for different ages, together they form a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) curriculum that takes a creative approach to science.

The HKIF also connects industry players, innovators, academic institutions and like-minded partners. The OC STEM Lab was launched to give students more exposure to STEM and to spark the public’s interest in science. It is strategically located in a family-friendly shopping mall that is accessible to all. A series of collaborations with universities such as the HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition and the HKU DreamCatchers 100K Entrepreneurship Seed Fund Programme engages university students and alumni, as does the HKIF Robotic Architecture Series with the University of Hong Kong. For those already working, X-Lab provides co-working space for start-ups to expand, and Sino Inno Lab is a sandbox platform for start-ups and technology companies to test out their inventions and facilitate co-creations with like-minded partners.

Our collaborations with academia and consultants have led to proprietary urban solutions like the award-winning City Air Purification System, which purifies air in open space, and the In-building Hydropower System, which generates electricity by utilising unused waterhead in pipes.

These herald our innovation journey together.

Go Code includes the Innovation & Technology Fun Day, at which young people visit the Hong Kong Science Park to attend science workshops
HKIF Junior Course participants can also join various activities such as building and programming robots, and creating circuits to perform specific functions

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Visionary Approach

‘Eyesight is essential to learning and personal growth. This project is conducive to children’s development and resonates with our vision of building a holistic innovation ecosystem to support Hong Kong’s growth in the long run’
— Daryl Ng, Chairman, Hong Kong Innovation Foundation

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