Issue 17

Sino Group at 50

The year 2021 holds special meaning for Sino Group as it marks our 50th anniversary. On 5 January 1971, the company was incorporated in Hong Kong. Over the past half a century, we have grown alongside the spectacular development of the city, our home.

A Defining Decade Remembered

Sino Group, the Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation and the Photographic Heritage Foundation are jointly presenting the exhibition Photographs from the 1950s: Marjorie Doggett’s Singapore, Lee Fook Chee’s Hong Kong.

— Heritage & Culture

Farm Together

Farm Together is Sino Group’s integrated green community project that plants the seeds for sustainability by promoting urban farming, social inclusion and bringing the community closer to nature.

Sustainability Vision 2030

Sino Group has announced Sustainability Vision 2030, a blueprint charting the sustainability course for 2030 and beyond.

— Green

Wellness at Home

The growing awareness of wellness is shaping architecture and home design.

— Wellness

Grand, Green Designs

Kwun Tong, core to the Energizing Kowloon East and CBD² initiatives, is undergoing a major rejuvenation and becoming a modern urban space abuzz with interactions, dialogues and happenings.

— Design

Kwun Tong’s Treasures

One of Hong Kong’s most established districts, Kwun Tong is undergoing a major transformation that makes it a fascinating mix of old and new.

— Community